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The Cancer Dietitian Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Welcome to The Cancer Dietitian Podcast!

Are you a cancer patient wondering what to eat to keep your body as healthy as possible during treatment?Are you a cancer survivor wanting to eat as healthy as possible to reduce risk of recurrence?

Are you sick of all the crazy info around nutrition and just want an evidence-based resource for the facts?Are you a healthcare provider or dietitian trying to figure out how to answer all the crazy questions your patients have after watching documentaries or reading the headlines?

Are you someone who loves to hear myth busting around nutrition topics?

If so....this podcast is for YOU!

Join Julie Lanford, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN a bonafide expert in oncology nutrition as she guides you through the forest of nutrition and cancer information.

What makes Julie an expert? 

Julie is the creator and author of Cancer Services, Inc's nutrition resource -

She has educated thousands of people regarding the evidence around nutrition and cancer over the past 11 years. She offers a no-nonsense approach and approaches the topic of nutrition from a whole person perspective.Her goal is to assist you in making your own choices around food and to help lower the anxiety around those choices.

Julie believes that healthy eating should be DELICIOUS and nutritious!She specializes in making healthy living fun and enjoys time away from work with her personal "circus" - a husband, 8-year-old daughter, 2-year-old son and lively golden retriever.